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UC Davis Craft Center's Journal
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Sunday, December 14th, 2008
11:51 pm
Ramblings about a Super Mario Quillow

some of you may know about me and my quillow things. the idea of a quillow is that it's a single-person quilt with a pocket (so your toesies don't stick out and get cold) and you can fold the quilt up and put it in the pocket and it turns into a pillow! magic! quillows actually aren't really my fave thing to make because percentage wise you do more quilting than piecing, because a heavily pieced quillow will be kinda stiff since it spends so much of it's time folded up, but they are fun and convenient.

(Quilting 101: "Piecing" refers to sewing pieces of fabric together to make a design for your quilt. "Quilting" is when you sew through your quilt top, the stuffing in the middle, and the bottom piece of fabric. This is done so that when you use and especially wash your quilt, the stuffing in the middle stays in place and doesn't rip into pieces. It is also what differentiates a quilt from a blanket. Most quilters prefer piecing to quilting, as quilting is really hard to do on a home sewing machine and piecing is where you get to use all of the fun colorful bits.)

last march i had the brilliant idea of making Devin an item block pillow from the mario games - the giant yellow question block. of course i had this idea two days before his birthday, so it didn't happen on time. in fact, as of today it still hasn't happened. but it was such an exciting idea that i told him about it, and his response was "will things come out of it?" i have to admit, that deflated me just a little because really, he has a point. why have an item block with nothing coming out of it? that's just dissapointing and silly.

With Christmas coming up i've been thinking of finishing that pillow, and then i had the brilliant idea of making a quillow with an item block on the pillow part and a mario screenshot for the quilt. (of course now there's no way i'm going to have this complicated of a project finished by christmas, so it's moved back to his birthday in march, but luckily devin is a good enough friend to expect this of me.) I searched online and found two really great sites - http://www.smbhq.com/users/sprite/ has a fantastic breakdown of all the mario sprites game by game in wonderfully clear pixelated images (perfect for crafting), and www.spritestitch.com, which is a truly amazing web site consisting of cross-stitched video game images. they have some crafted video game art that isn't cross stitched, but that's what the creators do so it's what most of the site focuses on.

now i have to figure out what my quillow should look like. I was thinking of having a huge image of mario jumping to the flag at the end of every level (i get to do a jumping mario AND the castle, which will probably be annoying to do in reality but it's the mario castle!!). The quillow will probably be around 50" by 70", maybe 75" because devin's kinda tall. and it will be stiff due to all the little pieces of fabric sewn together, but i can't really help that. Stiff is a relative term anyways, since i'm talking about fabric which is inherently flexible. the problem with the leap at the end is that it means i don't get to do the sprites - goombas and stars and mushrooms, oh my. and really, that's the best part of a mario quilt. so i was thinking of doing the sprites in big blocks as kind of a border - kinda like this but with sprites only on the sides (or top/bottom, depending on my dimensions) and mario on his flag in the middle, rather than bowser. The problem is, while that quilt is amazing and awesome, i kinda want to make something more cohesive than that. I'd really like a screenshot from the game, honestly, which makes sense and looks realistic. This quillow will after all be for my gamer friend who currently works at lucasarts - i want it to be as authentic as possible. but what screen shot has a goomba, a mushroom, a star, a fire flower, a turtle guy and all the other fun stuff? 

maybe I could make a breakdown like they have on the smbhq site, with Heroes and Villians. Spritestitch has this pattern which is pretty close to what i want, except that you'd never see three marios side by side. of course, if that's my only problem i could just take out two . . . it's also 200 pixels wide, and i'm thinking of doing 1/2" pixels, which means it's about 25" too long. I could theoretically crop it, but that would screw with the nintendo symbol, and spritestitch seems to be pretty careful about being true to the game so i would bet that that's the actual dimensions of the nintendo logo i remember seing when i turned on my brother's SNES.

For the record, I'm only half as insane as i sound, talking about sewing pixels and the like. I'm thinking about sewing rows of pixels, rather than each one individually. I made a mock up of a goomba tonight, figuring that a goomba was something that i would be happy to have as a pillow or something even if i didn't use it in devin's quilt. as such, he's just sorta floating on a teal background, no real sky or ground to speak of. goomba pictureCollapse )

gotta admit i'm pretty proud of him, especially that brown fabric. So each of the rows are 1/2", except for the top and bottom which are 3/4" so that i have some seam allowance to sew it to other fabric later. this is what i mean by only being half crazy - i didn't sew every individual pixel, i sewed rows. sewing 1/2" rows all the way down a 75" quilt is a little intense, however. maybe i could do bigger pieces for bigger chunks of sky or bushes that don't need all the detail? 

too many ideas. clearly the solution is just to brainstorm on lj for 45 minutes instead of sleeping.
Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
2:36 pm
T-shirt reconstruction workshop
Well...I'm biting the bullet and becoming an instructor.

Workshop runs Saturday afternoons on July 26 and August 2, it's free, and Sue's allowing 10 people to show up.
Sunday, October 21st, 2007
9:40 am
I just found this group! So cool!
Hello!!! I'm Heather, and I volunteer on Sundays... in like, three hours from now. Any who, I do lampworking, but I dabble. Anyways, the reason for the post. I'm going to my sister's for Christmas and I decided that her housewarming/christmas gift is going to be a bunch of ornaments. I spent last Friday messing around and trying to get down some decent shapes and stuff. So I wanted to know what LJers thought, and I found this group so I thought it would be perfect! So hopefully behind the cut are some pictures and poll! I would really like to know which ones you guys like the best!

can't figure this out..Collapse )

Poll #1075038 Which One Do You Like Best?

I would want to see like, 25 of these....

Thursday, September 13th, 2007
1:22 pm
Phoenix ideas
about 6 years ago i decided that i wanted to make a phoenix. I'd made fairies and a dragon, but i wanted to make something else that was new and exciting. that sort of got put on hold with the whole starting college thing, but a few years later i found this great turkey pattern with all these amazing layered feathers and i thought that it would be perfect and really easy to adapt it into a phoenix. so just recently i've started working on it again, needing a break from beading for a little while.

i thought it would take me a lot longer to get everything together and alter the patterns and everything, but it's doing fine and going much faster than i thought it would. i shrank the pattern down to less than a quarter the size it was gonna be originally, so hopefully i didn't mess everything up in my scaling, but we'll just have to make it and see. i got some fantastic fabric for it, i don't usually do oranges but i found some that i really like. (i'd post pictures, but my camera isn't capturing the color as well as i'd like and i couldn't find images of the fabrics online.) the fabric for the body is much darker and has some dark reds and purples, and i'm hoping that will make the orange wing and tail feathers jump out all the more. i'm currently trying to decide how to do the feathers - i can topstitch flames onto them, but i'm not sure they'll need the embellishment. i can put pipe cleaners in the shape of flames in the wings and then stitch them into place and then have some topstiching AND texture (and be able to shape the wings) but i'm not sure if that would just look dorky since the feathers are kinda small. i'm worried the change in thickness might make it look just lumpy, not textured. also, of the four fabrics i got to use for wings, one is just a simple plain orange, so i could also only do topstitching on that.

and would i want to put pipe cleaners or floral wire in the wings? on the original pattern they suggest that i do, but they're thinking of huge feathers that won't hold themselves up. on the other hand, then i could have some limited choices in posing, which would be nicer than no choices. but it will definitely make the feathers more lumpy. i'm gonna make some sample feathers and work with them to see what they look like made in a variety of different ways, i got way more fabric than i need so i will have enough to mess up. after resizing it so small, however, i might have enough left over to make a whole family of phoenixes, which could be kinda fun. my problem is that i find fabrics that i absolutely love, so i never want to cover them up, even to embellish and make them look cool in a different way.
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
10:36 pm
Friday, May 18th, 2007
1:37 pm
craft co-op
I'm in the process of applying for a seller's permit and business license. We are looking at setting up a booth/table of crafts for sale at the E street plaza. They are organizing the "other market" because the farmer's market great as it may be is not a craft market. There is also some talk of spreading out to set up some craft sales on the grass in central park to hit up the farmer's market croud without interfering with them.

Anyway, the idea would be that we make nice stuff--we have left overs from Whole Earth... whatever. It would be a chance to hang out on saterdays and sell stuff. The senior center has a few sellers out on friday and saturday.

I'm really liking the idea of trying it out--but I dont' have oodles of free time to pour into the idea. So, we need people who can man the tables/take care of sales, things to sell, ideas...
Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
12:14 pm
just posted in my normal journal, but i'm gonna be a snob and post here too so i can brag.

I've been working on an enormous bead project that has since been dubbed "My Bead Odyssey." When it's done, it will be about 12.75" wide by 27 inches long and will be about 98,820 beads total. The pattern is something I found in a book of Art Neauvou designs and then adapted to a brick pattern so I could bead it. It is my epic, and will probably take about two years. I bought the first batch of beads January second, so this is the progress I've done since January of this year.

picturesCollapse )

I'm about 15% done with it, after working on it (not constantly, I did have school and whatnot taking up some of my time) for a little over three and a half months. Hopefully it will actually go faster once I get to the part that's just all white because then I won't have to pay attention to the pattern or anything, I can just grab a vial of white beads and then go and work on it while talking to friends or whatever without needing to set up the laptop and carefully make two piles and all that jazz. Still, it's probably going to be very late in 2008 before I finish it. (Tho if I continue this joblessness thing I'll get a lot more done.)
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
4:14 pm
Monday, April 16th, 2007
11:16 am
So, back when I was in high school, we had this projector that you could just put a normal photograph (or drawing or whatever) in, and it would shoot out a larger version onto the wall. Has the Craft Center got anything like that?
Monday, March 5th, 2007
10:02 am
I have no 70's clothes.
Tuesday, February 27th, 2007
1:27 pm
Spring schedule question
Does anyone know what "ceramic sculpture" is, exactly? I don't normally do ceramics because I sure as hell don't need any dishes/pots-type stuff, but if it's making something more interesting than that, I might do it.
Friday, February 16th, 2007
10:35 am
Science badges!
These are pretty cool.

I like the "arts and crafts" badge (though I am so remaking this icon when I get home to my Photoshop), and I figure Ian would like the fire one. And any of us might appreciate the "MacGyver" badge.

Jan and I keep talking about how the CC should hand out badges per area of craft. I have to go send her this now :)
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
3:10 pm
Thinking about doing this.
Keychain crochet hook.

I do kind of wonder, though: how big/heavy-duty of clippers would I need to mangle a crochet hook? I'm not great at working with big heavy wire, I can only imagine how I probably wouldn't get anywhere with mangling a thicker hook.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Saturday, February 10th, 2007
8:45 pm
Nobody else seems to want to say anything just yet, so I figured I'd share. I now have a modified digital camera for close up work. If anyone has jewelry or other things they need to get good pictures of.

This is opalized glass wrapped with gold wire(photo taken with my new camera).
Friday, February 9th, 2007
10:42 am
Obligatory First Post
welcome to the craft center community.
For any of you who don't know me-I am Ian and volunteer on night shifts. I take on many crafts, but tend to gravitate back toward jewelry

I figure this community can be a fun place to post CC related things, craft ideas/patterns and pictures of completed crafts. This is really dependant on what you people want to use it for. What are your thoughts?
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